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My mother and little sister too, mostly for events though not everyday clothing. I’ve tried designing, making the pattern and giving it to an outside seamstress, the sewing was horrible and they almost cheated me with the fabric i gave them. No more. If you take a look at the most popular shirts or best selling t shirts that are out right now or in the past they all share a concept of simple design. I would say to take a look at what stores are selling / Advertising graphic tees and take a look at the designs and you will find that they are pretty simple design ideas. These factors can drastically change the cost of your shirt, and there is no real direct answer without knowing all the variables.

Do Not Resuscitate Mug

If you are printing on a polyster t shirt then take a print out of your design on a transparent paper then place it on your shirt and heat it with 345 degree in a sublimation machine for 30 seconds your t shirt will be ready. If you are printing on a cotton t shirt then you have to take a printout of your design in tracing paper and you have to cut it via plotter . And heat it First you have to take a print out of your design then you have to place it on your emulsion coated frame and expose it for a tube light for 2 minutes then was the frame , the frame will become hard and the rest will vanish , now put the color and squeeze it on your t shirt I have worn my own designs, that I pattern, cut, and sew myself. Especially when I don’t find anything that i’m interested in…. Or for funsies!

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Having a design created for you can range depending on the complexity of the design. That could easily range from $25 to $1000 depending on the factors. Assuming you have a design ready, and the file has the colours separated, the cost to print a shirt can be as low as $5 per shirt USD, approx. However, the costs is also directly influenced by the number of shirts you get printed. If you get a low number printed, the cost increases dramatically. No printer will silkscreen any number of shirts below 10, and would likely suggest you get your shirts printed on a DTG (direct to garment) machine; it’s basically an inkjet printer for clothing. This could increase the cost of your prints to $15-$20 USD per shirt.

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