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Just to clarify, TNG is not my favorite Star Trek, it’s DS9. Voyager has the best episodes. TOS was better with the movies, and TNG was the most realistic depiction of humans with a space force. So, I recognize which series has better traits and I’m pretty unbiased. Star Trek uniforms in TOS were highly Impressionistic. A neat shirt with unobtrusive markers of rank at the sleeve hems. But again the same requirement or feeling – Discipline and Order. I might add that the female officer’s uniforms were not catsuits, which may shed light on your question.

Fraudulent 2022 Shirt

So all that is required for a uniform is Discipline, meaning that it is indicative of an individuals conscious submission to the group, which they maintain by keeping their uniform neat and clean, and Order, which means that not everybody in the group will wear the exact same thing, because meaning and purpose will change based on your role within the group. Now on to the catsuits: uniforms that cling close to the skin have several advantages over traditional clothes: they are much less likely to get snagged on portrusions or get caught within moving machinery. They are also much easier to move in because extra fabric does not get wrapped around limbs or rub in places that might become uncomfortable. There have also been studies that show that muscles recover more quickly from fatigue if they are wrapped in cloth that compresses the muscle fibres in the right way. It is also much easier to keep the uniform neat and clean: because the cloth follows the lines of the body, there are no pleats, buttons, zippers, hems, flaps or pockets to worry about being out of place. The TOS male uniforms followed the same principle: they had velcro patches on the uniform pants instead of pockets.

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As to the aesthetics of the uniform, perhaps in an advanced society that no longer views members of either sex like commodities, a skin-tight catsuit is absolutely acceptable, as is anything else an individual chooses to wear. In a galaxy of shifting mores about sexuality and social propriety, some species might have very open ideas about body positivity and freedom. (I am thinking of the rather nubile and sex-positive Risan masseuses). So, while the series didn’t have to have women in catsuits, it is hard to represent a universe of differing opinions and cultural backgrounds without them.

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