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Now, let’s talk about every brand here. To people who are big fans of Red Tape in India, yes their quality is good, quite economical, genuine. I like their brand in every aspect but their leather is too thin where expensive shoes have thick and soft leather. You can even feel it. From my perspective you should be overwhelmed everytime you take out your shoes of the box but overall red tape is the best brand for officedaily use. Now let’s move on to Ruosh and Hush puppies. Genuinely speaking I haven’t tried them but I have heard of them. Don’t worry they are good. The more you move to expensive shoes better the quality will be. Note: Go for above three brands blind folded, Ruosh and Hush puppies are bit on expensive side but again they are trustworthy and Red tape is always good to go with. Let’s move on to the second pair i.e. genuine authenticthese words matter a lot, expensive classical semi formal shoes. You are going to wear them in weddings engagements family functions some informal meetings etc. There are people who want their shoes to live long… long…for more than 6–7 years. They are ready to investtime money efforts in them but all they want is that their shoes look new adorable everytime they wear them. I would suggest them to go for Ruoshabove ₹4–5k, Johnson and Murphy, Clarks. You usually have to take some time out from your routine and spend on your shoes. Using proper shoe cream to moisten them, add water and wax coat to keep them shine, remember leather is skin, it needs cleansing moisture breathing to live long. I don’t know about others but I am fond of taking care of my shoes accessories etc. You can use your weekends for this. Now problem with Clarks and Johnson and Murphy, is that they are too expensive, and are crossing our budget..₹3–4k..but if you keep your eyes peeled on their price during sale you can definitely bring them home in our budget.

College Football 2 Day Step Up 2023 High School Football All-American Bowl Shirt

Always prefer properly sole sewed formal shoes. No matter what brand you select, your leather part has to be sewed with your sole properly. I have seen few people wearing woodland, red chief ‘s trekking shoes in office. Trekking shoes were never meant to be worn in office, that looks weird. T shirt and Denims with those olivecamel coloured hard sole trekking shoes will make you look tacky. Husshh, I tried my best to explain you….love your shoes, enjoy wearing them, buy them only if you personally like them, Most importantly avoid TIPTOEING…. I hope you enjoyed reading. For anyone interested in formal shirts for women, I would recommend brands that are known for their high quality and excellence:

College Football 2 Day Step Up 2023 High School Football All-American Bowl Shirt Hoodie den

Wear these New Balance shoes for casual walking. I own six pairs of them and walk in them nearly every day. You can run in them too, but for walking, I’ve never found a better or more comfortable shoe to wear. New Balance, as we know it, reached new heights in 1982 and never looked back. The debut of the 990 was when the brand gained its identity as a powerhouse in running shoes, with Terry Heckler’s original brand logo greatly contributed to their bold re-entry. With the large and slanted N in place, the next step was to be as disruptive as possible, and the newly designed 990 was the shoe to carry that weight. There are some strong implications behind pricing a shoe higher than any of its competitors, but New Balance lived up to the hype. The shoe caught fire in the market, and beyond the running track it became a status symbol of sorts.

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