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I have come across guys who have this obsessive tendency to dislike pink and everything related to pink. I’ll tell you what, pink is the most beautiful colour and it takes a whole lot of strength in your personality to carry something that pretty into the masculine side. I have seen guys wearing pink so confidently that they could beat even the shades of black and grey. Although it is not a very popular trend anymore, it is surely one of the most comfortable attires to ever hit the street. A comfortable t-shirt and a show-stealing shirt, paired up together would undoubtedly make the look super casual and cosy. Which is probably why it became a huge trend a few years ago.

Warren Zeiders The Cowboy Playing Guitar Signature Shirt

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question, as people’s preferences will differ. However, I personally think that fitted T-shirts can be very flattering, especially if they are well-tailored. They can help to show off your figure and can also be more comfortable to wear than loose-fitting T-shirts. Just make sure your undershirt fits more closely than the polo shirt you intend to wear over it, otherwise you will end up with odd wrinkles and drape, and possibly even bits of your undershirt poking out of the sleeves or elsewhere. Also make sure the undershirt is a lighter color (including any printing it may have) than the polo shirt (or the same color) so that it doesn’t show through.

Warren Zeiders The Cowboy Playing Guitar Signature Shirt Hoodie

DTF, or Direct-to-Fabric is good for marginal quality and quantities as small as one. Silk screening can offer a MUCH higher quality job but it does take quite a bit of experience to do successfully. Screen printing is best for quantities of more than 2 dozen pieces, otherwise the setup costs per shirt can be pretty high. Another thing you might want to consider is to make transfers and apply them to the shirts, called heat pressing. Depending on the process it can get a little complicated since the inks are transparent… if the transfer is placed on any color shirt but white it will cause the transfer to have weird colors or it may “disappear” completely so a white “underprint” has to be added. If I were you this is the way I would go since a properly designed and made transfer can have a nice crisp finish AND may be printed in quantities of one. One of the sources available- the one my daughter uses almost exclusively- is – Digital Heat Press Transfer Machines

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