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Drak brown (snake & glossy pattern) under-the-knee high-heel boots would look amazing with a matching maxi-length coat. Matching big bag and wide red & black floral pattern headband and you are all set! A floral mixed pattern high heel sandels would also match black color jeans! It can be wide straps high heels sandals with white/black/gray spaghetti straps top or bodysuit, or even a mini black color dress over your black color jeans. I wouldn’t say there is anything you shouldn’t wear with black jeans, but I personally think they look best with a top that is either a neutral color or a pop of color. I also think they look great with a heel, but they can also be dressed down with a flat. If you’re aiming for a more subtle look, but still want to keep the white jeans, go with darker or neutral colors (black, gray, navy, etc.). Anything else would probably be very eye-catching and flashy – but you do you!

Santa Cow Ho Ho Heifer Christmas Lights Sweater

And no, white pants do NOT make you gay. I must clarify this because a, uh, friend of mine had a weird misconception… Blue Denims! The combination of black shirt with any dark shade of blue denim is a delight and treat to the eyes of the spectators. Casual shoes usually go better with them. But then, shoes really don’t seem to make a difference to the above outfit. So you can even decide to wear formal or ankle length shoes or anything at all. For men, tuck in the shirt and try wearing a dark brown leather belt (just like the one in the photo). Do not wear a light brown belt with them. Because that will ruin the charm completely since the light coloured belt will snatch all the attention towards itself. Roll back the hand collars and you’re ready to go! For women, skinny blue jeans will be more attractive than a boyfriend jean (boyfriend jeans will actually be a disaster with a black shirt!) Avoid wearing any jewellery along with an outfit like this. Your only jewellery with this must be your confidence to flaunt a style like that (but a gold or silver watch will also do good) 😀

Santa Cow Ho Ho Heifer Christmas Lights Sweater hoodie

Dark blue denim is always a winner! It’s fresher and more modern, plus a bit more dressy than it’s faded jean counterpart. But, let me be honest and tell you, you are dealing with a very, very very simple dressing issue here: Matching Something To Black. But seriously, you should have no issue going for whatever color denim you prefer. My choice is the dark wash, deep blue denim because it’s dressier than faded or light blue denim, as I stated above. No I dont think that the dye from your jeans is dangerous. If you would like your jeans to retain their color turn them inside out and soak them in a tub of cold water with two cups of vinegar for an half hour or so before washing. The vinegar will set the dye. Wash in cold water. I have also heard that sea salt works but I have never tried that myself so I cant say for sure. If thé dye iin your clothing is not set it will fade rapidly. Setting or fixing the dye makes it fade àt à slower raté . Washing your jeans inside out in cold water after you have done the vinegar soak will help them keep

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