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I definitely have had shirts that were too small/tight before! It’s not a very comfortable feeling, and it can be quite embarrassing if you’re not able to cover up properly. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with it, but other times you can try to stretch the shirt out a bit or find a way to safety pin it so it’s not as revealing. Confidence plays a huge roll in what people wear, so if one feels most comfortable in a baggy t-shirt, or a tighter shirt, I don’t think it should matter. Fashion comes in a lot of shapes and sizes nowadays! She was 19. She was pregnant. Then we were told her pap smear an entire year before was abnormal and her file was tagged with multiple red post-its for follow up. Ultimately that lack of responsibility and untreated cancer is what killed the baby and then her… though she was such a fighter it took 6 more years to claim her.

Oklahoma Boomer Sooner 2022 Cheez-It Bowl Shirt

And the unnatural colors they came in are only Skin Tone on a Kardashian. There was nothing that matched my pasty white legs for sure. Sorry, all you pantyhose fetishists on Quora, pantyhose have been sent to earth directly from hell, and you are welcome to them. I don’t any more but when I was younger that was the look and I was a lot thinner. A fab tappered shirt was de rigueur When I was going to a lot more costume events (and so designing costumes for fun more often), I was conveniently close to a neighbor at that time in my building then. She was a really nice and striking goth girl who lived upstairs from me. She also loved theatrical clothes. She understood the need for a hand at times, and knew how to close anything. If a corset needed lacing or closing or if something could not physically be fastened on my own (and I was innovative), she would help me out. For a while we were also friends. That Halloween, I went above and beyond in designing my Alice in Wonderland ball gown, for an elaborate party I was attending. I used it for a few events over a weekend. I made the skirt by hand painting a white tulle underskirt that would normally go underneath a white wedding gown. I painted it many colors of blue wall paint. It stood up by itself. I painted a dollar store apron with white latex wall paint. I outlined the features like the pocket. I cut up an old shirt and made the removed shirt collar into a painted shirt collar choker that fastened with a white safety pin through the old button hole. I had a old broken pocket watch to wear over that on a necklace.

Oklahoma Boomer Sooner 2022 Cheez-It Bowl Shirt Hoodie

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