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The fashion schedule takes no prisoners, with an unrelenting stream of style coming left and right for fans and industry insiders alike to enjoy. Twice a year, couture week slows the pace down just a bit to fully display the finest craftsmanship in the sartorial world. This season, we’re looking forward to more glamour and opulence from tried and true names like Schiaparelli and Dior, plus Haider Ackermann’s return to the runway with his Jean Paul Gaultier guest couture collection and Robert Wun’s first couture show ever. Keep tabs on this space as we update with all the best looks of the week.

St Patricks Day To My Dear Son In Law Coffee Mug

“My self-esteem is attached to sell-through,” she said bluntly. To help boost both, the designer records long, detailed videos about each collection specifically for store managers and sales associates.

St Patricks Day To My Dear Son In Law Coffee Mug

As another indicator of Hermès’ select approach to media coverage, she said the company opted not to respond to a media request a few days after The Financial Times’ article ran from the Business of Fashion’s Marc Bain. She also noted how other outlets like L’Officiel, Elle and The New York Post erroneously reported that Hermès was involved and corrections were later made. Despite that, a Google search of “Hermès NFTs” pulled up the original, inaccurate January 2022 headline from The New York Post, despite that headline and story having been corrected, said Vittadini, sharing visuals to support that claim.

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